Wednesday, 10 February 2010

What is Nigiri Sushi

If a sushi is complemented with the slice of raw fish or prawns, it is called Nigiri sushi. This square looking sushi food is most famous among all the sushi food because it gives a unique taste
to fish. There are plenty of dissimilar methods to prepare a Nigire sushi, so if you buy a same fish lots of time, every time it would taste dissimilar than before.

Some chefs prefer to use nori as a way to keep the fish on the bed of rice. Other chefs prefer a small amount of wasabi. As there are also many dissimilar ways to prepare sushi rice, the rice itself can modify the flavor of the fish.

As well, there are several dissimilar ways that nigiri sushi can be eaten, all of which can modify how the sushi tastes. When you eat nigiri sushi, you are supposed to eat the nigiri so that the fish is the first thing to touch your tongue.

Eating rice below the Nigiri would not give you a appetizing taste. So before eating Nigiri make it sure that you know what is the right way of eating because sushi chefs chiefly give importance to the fish.

Soya sauce is widely used with Nigiri sushi. But it is not easy to have soya sauce and wasabi with Nigir as there is a particular technique of using them together. In other sushi dishes like Maki sushi, it is easy to eat them with soya sauce, but in Nigiri if rice soaks the soya sauce it would become a big mess for you. Due to this reason, soya sauce can only be applied over the fish so that rice bed does not crumble when you try to eat it.

Not only making sushi involves lots of creativity but eating it is also an art. And that art can be performed by using two tools; chopsticks and your fingers. Make it sure that when you eat a sushi food you should not leave anything uneaten

Sushi is meant to be fully eaten, and it is considered an insult to the sushi chef if you leave sushi you have put on your plate uneaten. However, it is not taboo if you never select the sushi to eat from the main serving dish. As sushi on the main serving dish is unclaimed, it is not considered to be insult to not eat it.

Nigiri sushi must be taken in one go. But if your Nigiri sushi is bigger than normal sushi, you can eat it in two pieces. All the sushi food, excluding Temaki sushi, should not be consumed by taking more than two bites.

By: Serena Pulman

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