Monday, 25 January 2010

The Demise Of The Blue Fin Tuna

Marine scientist's predict that the world's remaining stock of Blue Fin Tuna could be on the verge of extinction. Unfortunatly not everyone is ready to heed the warnings given. European officials at a recent international meeting blocked a proposal by the U.S.A and environmental groups on a complete fishing ban. This called for a ban on all Blue Fin fishing for 9 months a year, but now reduced fishing quotas are in place.
A solution would be for each of us Sushi lovers to join together in the protection of the species, by imposing our own personal ban. The call to arms is necessary to allow the species to recover to sustainable levels. We have to be proactive in refusing to buy Sushi made with Blue Fin Tuna, and restaurant owners must remove it from their menus.
The "California Roll" could provide a sensible substitute, as it gives the rich taste and texture similar to that of Toro on the tongue.
It's creation harps back to the 1960's when chef Ichiro Mashita of the Sushi restaurant Tokyo Kaiken, was having difficulties obtaining Toro(The fatty belly of the Blue Fin Tuna), and needed a way to satisfy the rich taste and texture given by the Toro. The solution, a rich mix of Crab and advacado inside with Nori on the outside.
This combination has become the most common form of Sushi in America today, and all because of the scarcity of Blue Fin Tuna. Which goes to show we can abstain from the Blue Fin, and indeed MUST in order to save this magnificent fish.
So join the campaign to save our Blue Fin and just say NO........

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