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How To Make So Delicious Sushi - It Is Not Fast Sushi, But High Quality Original Japanese Sushi

Hi. My husband had been doing sushi business in wholefood market for 5 years.
His sushi was very so delicious, so many customer loved our sushi,
but unfortunately another company kicked out us from wholefood market sushi bar.
Well. this is business world. It is hard to survive in business world. A lot of customer really
miss our sushi.

My husband got training for making sushi from his friend who runs Japanese
restaurant for over 10 years. He created new sushi variety like Rainbow
roll(salmon, tune and avocado).

Now we are teaching how to make sushi in our coffee shop. We opened a cozy
coffee shop 2 years ago. People who are interesting with Japanese food and culture
are gathering in coffee shop once a month, and they enjoy learning how to cook Japanese food.
We don't do sushi business anymore, but we volunteer to share our experience in
Greensboro city, NC. If you live near by Greensboro, please join in our Japanese group.

Here is website for Japanese language and culture group

Our members are growing so fast! The first members were just 4 people, but now members are 38 people!
I am really enjoying to share our passion and emotion with new people.

Here is video for sushi class.

Here is recipe for sushi.


4 nori sheets

3 cups Sushi Rice

8 teaspoons ocean trout or flying fish roe

1-2 cucumbers, cut into thin, lengthwise slices

8 jumbo shrimp (king prawns), cooked, shelled, veins and tails removed

1-2 avocados, peeled, pitted, and sliced

4-8 lettuce leaves, torn or sliced (optional)


Lay 1 nori sheet on a rolling mat and put 3/4 cup sushi rice on it. Spread rice over nori
sheet, leaving 3/4 inch of bare nori at far side and making a small ledge of rice in

front of this bare strip.

Spoon 2 teaspoons roe along center of rice, using back of a spoon to spread.
Add lettuce if desired.

Lay 2 shrimp along center, with one-quarter of cucumber strips.

Lay one-quarter of avocado slices along center. Add one-quarter of lettuce.

Roll mat over once, away from you, pressing ingredients in to keep roll firm,
leaving the 3/4-inch strip of nori rice-free.

Covering roll (but not rice-free strip of nori), hold rolling mat in position and
press all around to make roll firm.

Lift up top of rolling mat and turn roll over a little more so that strip of nori on
far side joins other edge of nori to seal roll. Use your fingers to make sure roll is
properly closed.

Roll entire roll once more, and use finger pressure to shape roll in a circle, an
oval, or a square.

Using a sharp knife, cut each roll in half, then cut each half in half again. Then cut
each quarter in half crosswise to make a total of 8 equal-sized pieces. Cut gently to
maintain shape.

The recipe is basic for beginner, but if you want to know about sushi more, please email at

I will send you our secret recipe for sushi. But the number is limited to 39 people, because this recipe is very secret.

Here is website for our coffee shop. You can view our coffee shop picture.

Thank you for reading this article!

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