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Sushi Themed Wedding Parties

There are parties that happen before a wedding. There are bridal showers, either ladies only or co-ed, there are engagement parties, bachelor parties, and bachelorette parties. When you are hosting one of these gatherings, make it even more special by choosing a fun theme. One great idea for a party is to have a sushi party.

There are several ways that you can throw a sushi party. The simplest would simply be to host your event at a restaurant that specializes in sushi. Pick a place that is known for having the freshest and best quality. Often these restaurants will also have a nice ambiance. If this is going to be the bachelor party, it might be a nice time for the groom to hand out his groomsmen gifts. You do not have to choose groomsmen gifts that coordinate with the theme of the evening; just pick something nice like an engraved silver knife or mug that all of your attendants will enjoy.

If you plan to have a party at your house, there are a few different ways that you can choose to approach it. For a low-key affair, you might just want to order in some sushi from a local restaurant or market. Be sure to have a range of choices, including some vegetarian options like California rolls. (Some guests might be squeamish about the raw fish.) Don't forget to have some saki to pour with the sushi!

A more impressive type of sushi party would be to hire a sushi chef to attend the event. Guests will love the chance to custom order their sushi and watch it be created before their very eyes. You will want to set up an attractive station for the chef to work where guests can observe. In keeping with the theme of the party, take some time to decorate accordingly. One easy way to make a big visual statement is with tall stalks of bamboo. You can do almost anything with them: prop them in corners, anchor them in handpainted ceramic Japanese pots, or "plant" them in your yard.

Another idea for decorating is to hang Japanese paper lanterns around the party. They always look festive, and cast a beautiful glow. There are an infinite number of color options for the lanterns. If you prefer a minimalist look, choose all white, or you can use rich red lanterns for evening, or bright pink, orange, and yellow lanterns for a more festive effect. They are ideal to hang in trees or under a tent for an outdoor party, but even one single lantern hung over the sushi station would look terrific.

Don't forget to have all of the other elements to make your sushi themed party perfect. You will certainly want to have interesting china. You can easily rent or purchase stylish white square plates, which look great with sushi. Be sure to have chopsticks on hand for those who want them, as well as the tiny cups used to serve saki.

For a small gathering, such as a bridal shower, there is another really fun way to throw a sushi party. Instead of having a chef come and make the sushi, hire one to come and teach the guests how to make it themselves. It is a really fun hands-on activity that will make the party very memorable.

A sushi theme is a great idea for almost any type of party. When you are looking for a theme to help your event stand out from the crowd, this is a good theme to consider. Your guests will always remember your unique party.

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